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Submission Policy

Submission Policy

At Groupe SEB, we have made innovation a key element of our strategy and know-how for over a century, aiming to provide all consumers worldwide with new concepts, groundbreaking products or new uses the focus of all our energy.

Groupe SEB continuously seeks to develop and market new products and business processes that help us realize this vision.
In addition, each year, Groupe SEB receives many ideas and technology proposals from individuals and organizations outside our company. As a result, some submissions from "outside" Groupe SEB may actually duplicate Groupe SEB’s current or past research and development efforts. Other proposals may simply fall outside the scope of our business interests. That said, you can be sure that we will look at your proposal with an open mind in the evaluation process.


  • We will only evaluate ideas that are submitted under the terms of our Submission Policy and Submission Agreement.
  • Completing those documents on-line is highly recommended but you may also download our submission package and send it to us by postal service. No direct e-mail will be accepted.
  • We will only review initial submissions on a non-confidential, no-obligation basis. We will consider a confidentiality agreement only after a positive Preliminary Review
  • We will not be obligated to reveal the details of our evaluation.
  • We cannot advise you on patentability or other legal issues.