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Testing method for hair trimmers and clippers


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Date of expiration : 17 January 2018
Status : Closed
SEB crowdsourcing : testing method for hair clippers
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Testing method for hair trimmers and clippers

Testing method for hair trimmers and clippers

We are looking for a method to test the cutting quality and the wear resistance of blades for our hair trimmers/clippers.
The testing methods we have been using have limits and provides insufficient correlation between the results and the reality on human hair in real usage.
The proposed method  should take into account:
  • fibers that closely simulate the characteristics of human hair
  • a support for those fibers that accurately reflects the way human hair are implanted in the scalp to take into account resistance to cut
  • the need to have a large surface available so as to perform effective and intensive wear testing
  • Use of natural human hair.


  • Wool and Yak hair have been unsuccessfully tested.
  • Hazardous material.


  • Combination of fibers and a support simulating a complete scalp.


  • The disposable raw material should be inexpensive given the extent and duration of the tests to be performed.


  • We will review submitted proposals and select multiple candidates for detailed investigation. We will execute a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) only with selected submitters, seek further information disclosure, and discuss specific development targets or potential opportunities.
  • We will then select the best candidate through evaluation of supporting information, samples, prototypes, face to face meetings, etc.
  • The details for any collaboration will be determined through consultation and negotiation. 


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