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Patents that can pay off big


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Date : 16 July 2012
Household appliances : patents
Success story about patents

Patents that can pay off big

Among the patents used by Groupe SEB, a number of them originate from individual inventors who have found in the Groupe the right partner for bringing their idea to fruition. The subject matters covered are highly varied, just as is the compensation of the inventors, which is largely dependent on the potential sales turnover that the Groupe is likely to generate from their invention. Here are two examples to illustrate this diversity.


The first example is that of two inventors who jointly owned a patent relating to a device for removing calluses from the skin. Interested in integrating this feature into hair removal devices, Groupe SEB acquired this patent.   


In the second example, two inventors proposed to the Groupe a patent relating to a universal vacuum cleaner bag that is adaptable to a large number of models. The Groupe paid them an initial amount, and in addition, continues to pay royalties for each product sold. Today, the Wonderbag is sold around the world under the brand name Rowenta.