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Partnership Benefits

Partnership Benefits

Groupe SEB is the partner of choice for many innovators, inventors, start-ups, laboratories... With the global reach, product expertise and consumer knowledge that you would expect from a company with 150 years’ experience in Small Household Equipment, we are uniquely positioned to bring your innovation to market.
Creating mutual value 
While Groupe SEB’s innovation teams have a proven track record of successful new products, we still have a large number of challenges which we believe can be addressed through collaboration with our partners.

Every collaboration with an innovator is unique and we are therefore open to further explore with you any type of partnership.

Our goal is to create relationships based on mutual trust and shared benefits.
Please check our needs and challenges page and do not hesitate to submit your idea, your technology or your invention. We will have a close look at it.

The ideal cooking Companion - 10 December 2014

Cuisine Companion, the ideal culinary companion  Six years of research and development and a collaborative approach involving various fields of expertise have led to the...

OptiGrill, the intelligent grill - 10 December 2014

OptiGrill, the intelligent grillThe first meat grill from Tefal is a ground-breaking innovation, the result of collaboration between seven of the Group's international sites, from...

A SEB Invention : the hairdryer Lissima

Lissima : a groundbreaking hairdryer - 17 October 2013

With Lissima (Calor/ Rowenta), launched in 2002, Groupe SEB invented the concept of the hairstraightening hairdryer which has become a market segment in its own right. The initial...

The Rowenta iron with a self-cleaning soleplate - a SEB innovation

Ultimate Autoclean : the 1st iron with a self-cleaning soleplate - 17 October 2013

Anyone with any ironing experience knows only too well : ultimately, the iron soleplate gets dirty and has trouble gliding. In the early 2000s, Groupe SEB’s Strategic Marketing...

Actifry from Tefal : cookware innovation SEB

Actifry : innovation, nutrition and indulgence - 17 October 2013

1.5kg of fries can be made with 1 spoonful of oil ! Several months after the Actifry launch – end of 2006 in France and Belgium – the news spread across the Internet, among...