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If you have a question regarding submitting your innovation that is not answered on this page, please contact us


1 - Are there any ideas that you do not accept?

We are open to receiving ideas about new products or technology as outlined in the Our Needs section. Certain types of ideas—such as advertising, marketing or promotional idea—are presently not of interest to us. Complaints or compliments for any of our products should be directed to the relevant Groupe SEB helpline in your country of residence. See the Contact us and Feed-back Page

2 - Should I have my idea patented before submitting it to you?

It is always best to have all preferred protections in place before sending an idea or technology proposal to us. Please refer to the Protecting Your Ideas information in our Submit an Idea page.

3 - Once I submit my information on your website, how long before I hear back from someone?

You'll first hear from us within 30 days to inform you if your idea has passed our preliminary evaluation. If that is the case, we will get back to you within 60 days following initial receipt to indicate that we either want to further discuss the idea with you or are releasing it. We do commit to move the idea as quickly as possible but given the volume of ideas received, we cannot provide you with other updates.

4 - Can residents of all countries participate?

Yes. But you need to be a legal adult to do it.

5 - I have a relative who works for Groupe SEB. Can I still participate in your program?

Yes, relatives of Groupe SEB employees may participate.

6 - I am a retired/former employee of Groupe SEB, may I participate?

Yes, retirees or former employees of Groupe SEB may participate.

7 - I am a vendor or supplier to Groupe SEB. Can I participate in this program?

No; you should speak with your regular contacts at Groupe SEB to discuss the best way for your idea or technology to be evaluated.

8 - I am not comfortable submitting my ideas using your website. Is there any other way I can submit my ideas?

Not at this stage, but you can use the Contact page to explain your case.

9 - How can I tell if my innovation might be right for Groupe SEB?

We encourage you to review the Our Need and Challenges page on our website to help you better understand the areas of interest to Groupe SEB. From this, you should be able to determine if your idea or technology might be a solution to one of our needs and wants. If your technology might help improve one of our products or meet a consumer need, we really encourage you to submit the idea.

10 - What evaluation criteria will Groupe SEB apply?

Groupe SEB’s criteria vary depending on the type of submission. However, we typically look for innovations that have substantial market potential and effective consumer appeal, meet safety and environmental standards, and are a good fit with our company and products. For more on our evaluation process, please look at our Submission Process.

11 - Who will be evaluating my idea?

The evaluation will be done internally by a dedicated open innovation team and the appropriate subject-matter/technical experts.

12 - Will Groupe SEB give me a reason it it chooses not to pursue my idea?

By reviewing the list of Groupe SEB's needs, submitting ideas that meet those needs, and fully completing the Idea Submission form, your submission has the best chance of review and consideration by our team. We will unfortunately not be able to provide you with a detailed assessment of our review, but we will provide you with our decision to pursue the idea or not within 60 days.

13 - What kind of deal can I expect from Groupe SEB?

We construct deals based on mutual benefit and what is appropriate for the situation. Based on the innovator and innovation, the deal might be an arrangement for licensing, contract research, joint development, consulting or a supplier agreement.