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Low voltage electro-chromic display component


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Date of expiration : 17 January 2018
Status : Closed
Electrical appliances : innovation with Groupe SEB
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Low voltage electro-chromic display component

Low voltage electro-chromic display component

We are seeking a component that can display voltage levels using color indicators.
This device will be connected to thermo electric subsystems that will feed it with less than 1 Milliwatts of power.
Device should display a minimum of 3 voltage levels: 0.5 V, 1 V, 1.5 V
Information displayed should be visible at a minimum distance of 50 cm under standard interior lighting conditions.
  • Any solution requiring an electronic board in addition to the component.
  • Any solution requiring the device itself to be electrically powered.


  • Hazardous material


Use of color filter is possible if the conditions of visibility are attained.


  • Unit Price <1 €
  • Minimum life-cycle of  2000 hours


  • We will review submitted proposals and select multiple candidates for detailed investigation. We will execute a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) only with selected submitters, seek further information disclosure, and discuss specific development targets or potential opportunities.
  • We will then select the best candidate through evaluation of supporting information, samples, prototypes, face to face meetings, etc.
  • The details for any collaboration will be determined through consultation and negotiation.


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