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Chef Jérôme


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Date : 16 July 2012
Cookware innovation : Chef Jérôme
Success story Chef Jérôme

Chef Jérôme

From the recipe to buying ingredients, a clever web application.

Recipe websites and cooking blogs are attracting an increasing number of Internet users. Convinced that there is a niche here for new consumer-oriented services, Antoine Durieux and his partners of the start-up Chef Jérôme have designed a one-of-its-kind web interface.

“This tool automatically extracts the list of ingredients of a recipe and searches for them in the catalogue of retailers, so that it is possible to order them with  a single click, directly from the recipe” he explains. “Groupe SEB was interested in our project as it is well aligned with the concept of “connected” cooking, one of its key areas of innovation. 

In July 2012, they decided to support our development by acquiring a stake of our company via the SEB Alliance fund. In addition to this financial support, Groupe SEB now helps us with sales (contacts with retailers), legal matters (patent expertise), marketing and communication.
With this support, we have already signed successful partnerships with many cooking websites (, etc.) and with several retail websites (Casino, Mon-Marché, etc).” 

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