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Our needs and challenges

Our needs and challenges

05:15:43 (23 Oct 2018)

Groupe SEB has geared its innovation strategy towards 5 key areas that are in line with changing social trends and current streams of research. These key areas are as follows:  
  • connected universe: communicating devices, human/machine interface, smart systems, 100 % digital solutions, etc.

  • energy and portability: energy savings, innovative batteries (capacity, reliability, miniaturisation, improved charge/discharge cycle management), etc.

  • ageing of population: product ergonomics, specific needs, etc.

  • preservation of beauty, health and well-being: nutrition, health monitoring, body care, etc.

  • environmental responsibility and sustainable development: reduction of energy consumption, acoustic performance (vacuum cleaners, food processers, etc.), recyclability, new materials, etc.

If you have a tangible idea or technology, an innovation or an invention related to one of these fields, do not hesitate to submit it to us. We are interested in anything relating to cookware products or small electrical home appliances, except for manufacturing methods and packaging.

Above those general areas, we especially invite you  to read through the challenges below which reflect the specific needs identified by our innovation teams.

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Low Thermal Conductivity Material withstanding high pressure and high temp.

Date of expiration : 28 May 2015 - status : Closed

We are seeking a material already available on the market, with the following features:* Elevated temperature* Support high pressure * Thinner is preferred* Maximum thermal conductivity of 10 W/mK

Material, low thermal Conductivity, high pressure, high temperature
SEB ideas : Submit your invention

Self cleaning or easy-to-clean transparent material

Date of expiration : 31 January 2014 - status : Closed

We are seeking for a transparent material with the following capabilities:non soiling or easy to clean without liquid of any kinddust and organic material should fall with gravity or can be removed...

Material, transparent, easy-to-clean, plastic, polymer