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Bertrand Neuschwander

As the global leader in small domestic equipment, we launch over 250 new products every year.
This strong innovation is maintained thanks to the dynamism of our Research & Development teams, but also thanks to our open innovation approach and to the expertise and creativity of our external partners: laboratories, start-ups, inventors, etc. 

This site is dedicated to all those who want to join our innovation network and to share and leverage an idea with us.

Bertrand Neuschwander,
Chief Operating Officer


The ideal cooking Companion

Cuisine Companion, the ideal culinary companion  Six years of research and development and a collaborative approach involving various fields of expertise have led to the...
OptiGrill, the intelligent grill

OptiGrill, the intelligent grillThe first meat grill from Tefal is a ground-breaking innovation, the result of collaboration between seven of the Group's international sites...
A SEB Invention : the hairdryer Lissima
Lissima : a groundbreaking hairdryer

With Lissima (Calor/ Rowenta), launched in 2002, Groupe SEB invented the concept of the hairstraightening hairdryer which has become a market segment in its own right. The initial challenge turned...
The Rowenta iron with a self-cleaning soleplate - a SEB innovation
Ultimate Autoclean : the 1st iron with a self-cleaning soleplate

Anyone with any ironing experience knows only too well : ultimately, the iron soleplate gets dirty and has trouble gliding. In the early 2000s, Groupe SEB’s Strategic Marketing team for Linen Care...
Actifry from Tefal : cookware innovation SEB
Actifry : innovation, nutrition and indulgence

1.5kg of fries can be made with 1 spoonful of oil ! Several months after the Actifry launch – end of 2006 in France and Belgium – the news spread across the Internet, among nutritionists and health...
Household appliances : patents
Patents that can pay off big

Among the patents used by Groupe SEB, a number of them originate from individual inventors who have found in the Groupe the right partner for bringing their idea to fruition. The subject matters...
Cookware innovation : Chef Jérôme
Chef Jérôme

From the recipe to buying ingredients, a clever web application. Recipe websites and cooking blogs are attracting an increasing number of Internet users. Convinced that there is a...
Global method to measure the corrosion resistance of aluminum non-stick cookware.
Global method to measure the corrosion resistance of aluminum non-stick cookware. (Ends: 08 February 2018)

We currently evaluate the corrosion resistance of our products by a visual counting of the number of corrosion pits after 20h at 85°C in a chloride solution (current internal reference test). This...
SEB ideas : Submit your invention
Self cleaning or easy-to-clean transparent material (Ends: 31 January 2014)

We are seeking for a transparent material with the following capabilities:non soiling or easy to clean without liquid of any kinddust and organic material should fall with gravity or can be removed...
Easy-to-clean scratch resistant surface
Easy-to-clean scratch resistant surface (Ends: 08 February 2018)

We are seeking a coating on stainless steel with the following capabilities :- Scratch-resistant to Scotch-Brite™ pad : no visible scratch- Stain resistant when used at temperature up to 250°C-...
SEB crowdsourcing : testing method for hair clippers
Testing method for hair trimmers and clippers (Ends: 17 January 2018)

We are looking for a method to test the cutting quality and the wear resistance of blades for our hair trimmers/clippers.The testing methods we have been using have limits and provides insufficient...
Low Thermal Conductivity Material withstanding high pressure and high temp. (Ends: 28 May 2015)

We are seeking a material already available on the market, with the following features:* Elevated temperature* Support high pressure * Thinner is preferred* Maximum thermal...
More crust when using silicone bakeware
More crust when using silicone bakeware (Ends: 08 February 2018)

With the actual silicone bakeware, it’s not possible to obtain a nice coloration and a crusty result in the same cooking time as aluminum bakeware. However, silicone bakeware is really practical and...
Challenge Color on PTFE
Methods and expertise to analyze sources of color changes on PTFE based cookware. (Ends: 22 February 2016)

Cookware articles using PTFE based coatings are well known for their outstanding non-stick properties.Nevertheless, the overall color of the article tends to change to yellow and light brown after...
Oil spraying system - Open innovation with SEB
Oil spraying system (Ends: 17 January 2018)

We are seeking an electric spray solution that can disperse low viscosity oil-based micro droplets. Average dispersion: 1 g or 1 ml per minute Droplet size: <100 microns Systems used for water are...
Red dye with good thermal resistance for coloring anodized aluminum
Red dye with good thermal resistance for coloring anodized aluminum (Ends: 07 September 2017)

We are seeking a red dye for anodized aluminum, with metallic look.RAL color chart: 3001to 3003, 3013, 3016, 3018to 3020, 3024 to 3031.The colored surface should have a good thermal resistance: at...
Anti-finger print Stainless steel surface
Anti-finger print Stainless steel surface (Ends: 17 January 2018)

We are seeking a surface treatment to prevent any finger prints on flat sheet of Stainless Steel (Austenitic and Ferritic). This treatment should be scratch resistant and should have a good thermal...
Electrical appliances : innovation with Groupe SEB
Low voltage electro-chromic display component (Ends: 17 January 2018)

We are seeking a component that can display voltage levels using color indicators.This device will be connected to thermo electric subsystems that will feed it with less than 1 Milliwatts of power....
Household equipment innovation : refrigeration solution
Small load positive refrigeration solution (Ends: 17 January 2018)

We are seeking a solution to cool down and maintain chilled a load of 1 to 2 kg maximum (2 to 4 pounds).The target temperature of 4 to 6° C (39 to 43° Fahrenheit) should be achieved within 1 to 2...

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